MAOA Education and Research Fund

The continued ability of the MAOA to fund special speakers, traveling fellowships, multipurpose
resident grants, physician in training awards, poster awards, and resident/fellow/new in practice
orthopedist education grants to attend the annual meeting is due in large part to generous
donations by MAOA members and nonmembers to the MAOA Education & Research Fund.

Partnering with MAOA through OREF

In addition to direct gifts to MAOA, donations can be given to OREF in 2 ways to benefit MAOA:

1. Annual Campaign 
    Donors contributing less than $1,000 to the OREF Annual Campaign can choose to designate
    up to 50% of their gift for the benefit of the MAOA Education and Research Fund with 50%
    directed to OREF. Annual Campaign gifts are those 
made in one year and are available to be

2. Annual Giving - Order of Merit Recognition
    The Order of Merit is a special recognition society of OREF. In any year, a donation
    of $1,000 or more to OREF qualifies the donor for the Order of Merit. The first $500 is a gift
    to OREF to help support its programs. Any of the remaining $500 or more can be designated
    to the MAOA Education & Research Fund. Click here to designate a portion of your contribution
    to OREF to the MAOA Education and Research Fund.